The advent of Le Verre de Vin wine preservation system in 1990 changed the way operators viewed wine by the glass. No longer was an extended wines-by-the-glass offering a risk, but in fact a profit generating service with huge potential.

Rather than limiting their ‘by-the-glass’ list to 3 or 4 wines (in the hope they will turn over quickly enough to be sold in good condition), Le Verre de Vin users in the USA and Canada have increased their range to a stunning average of 28 still wines ‘by-the-glass’ and 3 sparkling wines ‘by-the-flute’ and in doing so have pushed up price points to increase the average per glass sale price by 20%, 30% and even more.

Invented and manufactured in the UK, the unique Le Verre de Vin system already operates at the heart of more than 40,000 wine programs around the World. It is used by most of the leaders in the industry. Here is what a few of them have to say:

“Wine sales have increased significantly since we installed the Tower.   We are now well known for selling all our wines by the glass.   With the Tower, you’ve got the power!” Matthew Bach Jamieson, Chef/Co-Owner, Forage Restaurant, Orangeville, Ontario

“The Pod Bar is a fantastic addition to our bar operation… it allows us to offer a perfect ‘by-the-glass’ service while marketing the range to our customers in the most contemporary manner available… we love it!” Philippe Cauviere – WWW Shop & Bar – Nairobi – Kenya

“We have been using Le Verre de Vin for nearly seven years… we know that there are other commercial preservation systems on the market, but we chose Le Verre de Vin because it does the best job for our business and our wines” Gaia Gaja – GAJA Winery – Italy

“Every glass of wine served has been in the condition the wine maker intended.” Silvano Giraldin – Le Gavroche – London (UK)

“Since the club began using the wine preservation system wine by the glass revenues are up 32% a much wider and higher end selection is available to a much appreciative clientèle  As a service director and wine enthusiast I would endorse this system for any fine establishment looking to offer the best in wine preservation to their clientèle.” Matthew Higgins – Service Director – University Club – San Diego – USA

“For us at Hakkasan, it’s about maintaining quality.  We are not looking to increase our by-glass offering, we simply want to serve every glass of wine, whether still or sparkling, in good condition.  We have installed a Le Verre de Vin machine in every restaurant we’ve ever opened, and will continue to do so.” Christine Parkinson (Group Buyer Hakkasan, Wine & Non-Food)

“During the initial 4 months of the program 60,000 glasses of wine were sold. And all of them owe their quality and freshness to Le Verre de Vin.” Rick Hummrich, Director of Purchasing, Starwood Europe

“The Pod Bar has recently been tested by Taittinger’s Oenologist’s and quality control team… and I can confirm that it is the best Champagne preservation system we have ever experienced.” Dominique Garreta, Marketing and Communication Director, Champagne Taittinger, France